About StrEATwise


We, at StrEATwise.com, are like most other NY'ers. We eat in restaurants, order delivery, and some of use see the oven as extra storage space. On occasion, we look at that placard in the window of the restaurant and secretly weigh our well-being against the moniker of cleanliness.

But letter grades do not tell the entire story...AND when ordering takeout, it's not as simple as looking for the sign.

Just because an establishment got an 'A', it does not mean everything is spotless and worryfree in the kitchen. There can still be 'issues' that give you pause, or..may make you change your mind entirely.

StrEATwise.com was created to give restaurant go'ers more information and choices about the places where we may chose to eat.

Eat Wisely, and feel better doing so with StrEATwise.com.